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The New Cabin

 So it has been a few weeks since Sidney the navigator and I rearranged the ships cabin and took a new berth across town.  So far not so good.  It has taken us this three weeks to dig through the boxes (admittedly finding a hoard of Capt'n Morgan's belongings).  We finally have a grip on the front sitting room and will shortly have nice enough living arrangements.  

We did toss a large stash of goods, clothing and furniture.  More is going as well.  Hardly any of my clothes fit so it is overboard with anything that is too big.  The next to go is the spare hold we keep in Natomas.  I want that gone (or at least in a smaller less expensive hold) by summer.

April 25 we will be attending a treat.  We will be going land-side to a rail museum in Old Sacramento with the Sacramento Steampunk Society.  Steam engines and  good company.  A splendid way to spend a day in my opinion!

Prep. For Nova Albion

 So another day has gone by and I am no closer to having a coherent outfit for Nova Albion.  My Cabin is in shambles as La Maupin has had a remodel (we moved).  There are boxes everywhere and I just hope I can find what I need for three days of Steampunk Convention.

I am on the prowl for better Steam apparel, and need to do some serious planning and sewing for future events.  My steam wardrobe is lacking as nothing i had from last year fits (I've lost too much weight) and since I have not finished losing weight I have not made anything new.  The move made it impossible for Sidney Eileen to make me a corset like she had planned, so it is back to second-hand make shift garb yet again...

I Will Have Fun regardless!!!


Stuck in my Cabin

Well here I am on the La Maupin too broke to go on shore leave. 

There are many a thing I would love to do with the crew but this week it has been video games at our Scientist's Lab.  Man has she gotten our Navigator hooked, I'm positive it is some sort of experiment...

I have decided to go back on a diet so I have been extra cranky.  I decided I may as well write about it.  This is the first completed week of  Weight Watchers and I have lost 6.4 pounds, unfortunately an unnoticeable drop in the bucket :P  Ah well it is a start and there is no way to loose quickly and stay healthy.  And healthy I would much rather be, I know a poor fella who went on a liquid diet.  He lost 60 pounds in a couple (yes two) months but man didi he look sickly.  His colour was off like he was jaundiced and his skin tone was horrid, he looked like he had been horribly sick, like dissentary or tyophoid all those things you try to aviod in strange ports...  So there, I am happy with my measely 6.4 pound loss.

Really I need to start sewing, but organization has kicked in.  Sid and I tackeled a store room this week and we still have three other rooms to go.  Once that is done the sewing may begin en force.  Sew many projects sew little time!

Preparations for Edwardian Balls

As I sit on the deck of the Lamaupin and watch my Captain cuss as the snaps of her blouse eat her soul by not cooperating in her attempts at seeing to a securely covered busom...  while wearing her purple flower bedecked chemisette over a tyedye tee shirt (looking more like a confused Ren Faire hippie than a steampunk, at least untill you see the ultra-violent glare directed at the snaps) and our navagator digilently sewing  holsters for our bubble-guns, I wonder just what am I going to wear to the ball?  ah well at least they will all look good.

Amazing Excursions in the City of Angels

The Crew of the Lamaupin had a wicked good time at the Nautalist Ball at the Edison on New Year's Eve.  Abney Park put on an awesome show as always! The venue was beautiful and we were, for the most part, surrounded by friendly steampunks.  The few LA clubbers that were attending while a bit confused kindly kept to themselves.  The drinks were great though within the first thriy minutes the Edison's bar ran out of the ingredients for the cocktail "Tesla's Revenge" who'da thought that it might just be popular at a STEAMPUNK event ???    The Green Fairy pushing a cart of tiny absinthe bottles was a marvelous brilliant occurance that we all appriciated (especially the Captain).  I am still astounded at the amount of fun we had.


Britva, 1st Lieutenant of the La Maupin

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