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Stuck in my Cabin

Well here I am on the La Maupin too broke to go on shore leave. 

There are many a thing I would love to do with the crew but this week it has been video games at our Scientist's Lab.  Man has she gotten our Navigator hooked, I'm positive it is some sort of experiment...

I have decided to go back on a diet so I have been extra cranky.  I decided I may as well write about it.  This is the first completed week of  Weight Watchers and I have lost 6.4 pounds, unfortunately an unnoticeable drop in the bucket :P  Ah well it is a start and there is no way to loose quickly and stay healthy.  And healthy I would much rather be, I know a poor fella who went on a liquid diet.  He lost 60 pounds in a couple (yes two) months but man didi he look sickly.  His colour was off like he was jaundiced and his skin tone was horrid, he looked like he had been horribly sick, like dissentary or tyophoid all those things you try to aviod in strange ports...  So there, I am happy with my measely 6.4 pound loss.

Really I need to start sewing, but organization has kicked in.  Sid and I tackeled a store room this week and we still have three other rooms to go.  Once that is done the sewing may begin en force.  Sew many projects sew little time!


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